Living in a relaxed, stress-free environment is what many people strive for - but sometimes finding the time and energy to change your environment can be difficult. Clutter can create stress in your home and your mind - and you may not even realise the effect it is having on your life.

Don't worry - we won't throw away everything you have ever owned, or make your home look like an unlived-in show home (unless of course that's what you want.) A professional organiser will work with you to declutter and reclaim your space, giving you more time and energy for the more important things in your life, whilst creating the environment you want.

Less Mess can help you enjoy your home again by offering the support you need to sort through the chaos and clutter, organise your home, and create the environment that best suits your needs.

About Steph

Steph Knight, Professional Organiser and Director of Less Mess, started Less Mess in 2011.   The idea for a home organising business came about after several successful organising sessions with friends and family members.   Being organised has always been one of her strongest attributes. She began to recognise that this passion for organising was actually also a skill, and it seemed the perfect next step in her life as a busy Mum. Steph realised that she wanted to put these skills to good use and help others while doing something she loves. And it has grown from there.

Previously Steph has worked in London as a Lifestyle Manager, and as a Project Coordinator in Wellington.  Adding to her previous study in marketing and business management, Steph has completed a Diploma in Interior Design. This will add value to the services and knowledge that Less Mess provides to clients.

Being a mum two children also means Steph understands how easily a busy life can lead to a home turning into a messy storage box for life’s excess.  'Stuff' can become overwhelming and, sadly, can consume far too much time and energy.  Often the hardest part is knowing where to start - Less Mess helps you do just that.

"I seem to have the ability to connect with clients on an emotional level, which is often part of this process. I work closely with clients and help them through what can be a very personal time, so being friendly, gentle and completely non-judgemental is a big part of my role."

Less Mess is based in Wellington, New Zealand, but feel free to contact Steph for any organisational requirements outside this area.

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