Using Less Mess will be an invaluable investment.

Less Mess offers a home organising and decluttering service that is gentle, friendly and completely non-judgmental.

Everyone has different reasons for having the things they have. Together we will figure out the best way for you to live with or without it.  Having someone help you through this process is much easier than doing it yourself - because inevitably you don't get round to it! You can easily put it off, then before you know it, you are 5 years down the track and your house feels more like a storage unit than a relaxing home.

For all Less Mess sessions, please don't tidy up beforehand - it is best for your professional organiser to see each space as it is used, in its raw and everyday way. There's no need to be embarrassed or nervous - Less Mess is completely non-judgmental. Just focus on the end result and how great your home will feel in a very short time.

Less Mess can help you...

  • sort through the clutter
  • eliminate piles
  • let go of things you're just not sure what to do with
  • find a place for everything
  • maximise the space in each room
  • create better storage solutions
  • get your car in the garage!
  • prepare your home to sell - stage for open homes; pack or unpack
  • de-stress your home so you can enjoy it again!

Sessions and Pricing

Ideas Session

The Ideas Session is perfect if you want to sort out your house yourself but need a bit of inspiration and motivation to get started.
I offer all my ideas and suggestions. We chat, you can ask questions, take notes, look online and utilise that time however you need to feel inspired to make a start on decluttering and organising your place!


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Hands-on Sessions

The Hands-on Sessions, where I work with you, are the most popular by far.

This is the best choice if you want a fast and efficient turnaround and need some side-by-side inspiration and motivation to get it done.


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Customise your Session

Less Mess is available to help with any of your clutter and organisational needs. If there is something specific you require, or you would like a specific number of hours, then we are more than happy to discuss it in more detail.


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Selling or Moving?

If you need help decluttering and/or presenting your home to sell, or unpacking at your new home, Less Mess can help with that too.
This is a great option if you are short on time or energy, or just want a hand maximising space and presenting your house at its best to buyers. 


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The Less Mess consultation is a friendly, no obligation chat where we discuss the problem areas, how you use each space and what your goals are.  From there, we come up with the best approach for what you want to achieve. Simple.

This consultation can be done over the phone or at your home and will take approximately 30 minutes.
Phone consultations are free. In-home consultations will incur a $30.00 fee, payable at the time of consultation.

Some people prefer to skip the consultation and get straight to work - and that's fine too.

Please note: It is at Less Mess's discretion when a consultation fee is charged and this fee may differ outside Wellington

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