Here is a sample of the feedback I have received from some of my happy clients:

I felt surprisingly comfortable, from the moment we spoke on the phone and I explained what I wanted to get done. I was made to feel like nothing was too small a task, or that I was remotely odd for asking for help!Initial consultation was very worthwhile, not only to see everything through Steph's eyes, but to gauge what could be achieved and even in the walk-through, she was giving a few helpful ideas that would instantly work.

Steph was extremely careful not to place her ideas or ways of doing things on to me, but there was a good degree of guidance...and persuasion! We achieved more than I had even hoped for, within the allotted two days. Without a doubt, I would certainly both recommend and use Less Mess again.

Thanks again, Steph. You are hard working, frighteningly thorough and extremely effective, as well as such a lovely person to hang out with for the day!

— Jude, Churton Park

Steph has completely changed my life. My house was so full of "stuff", it was completely overwhelming and I didn't know where to start. I had two days with Steph and my house and my mindset have both been transformed! Finally, after all these years, I feel in control of my house, rather than it (and all the stuff in it) being in control of me. I have a completely different attitude to what I need to keep and what I don't. I cannot rave enough about how amazing Steph is. She is so efficient, but gentle, the choice to get rid of stuff was always mine, she just made me feel good about the tough decisions. And boy, we got through SO MUCH together. My family are really happy with the changes too. I would have Steph over to help again in a heartbeat. Highly, highly recommended.

- Summer, Churton Park

“Thanks heaps for the photos, and for your help too. It was nice having someone to confer with. I really do hope your business goes on from strength to strength. It was lovely working with you.”

— Alice, Island Bay

"Steph - you did an amazing job! Thank you SO SO much. It's embarrassing seeing how badly my cupboards were overflowing and how long overdue it was to sort them.

If it wasn't for you they would still be a mess. Your guidance and support helped me focus on clearing out what I didn't need or wasn't using as frequently, making more space and finding things I had completely forgotten about.

It still feels good opening my cupboard and I have a real sense of satisfaction - plus I got several new outfits from existing pieces. Looking forward to the next session!"

— Miett, Karori

“I would like to thoroughly recommend the services of Less Mess Home Organising for helping sort out your home. I booked a 5 hour session with Steph and she worked through each room until my home was completely sorted.

She recommended better ways to store everything and make better use of space. She has fantastic ideas and now my life at home feels organised, we even have the kids abiding by the new rules. Fantastic service thanks again Steph!! “

— Andie, Churton Park

"Thanks Steph you are amazing, I'm really enjoying my new space! You sure made a difference! I sold the red couch as it did not suit my life anymore. I booked some builders to come in and rip out those cupboards in the laundry. And I’m going to get my bedroom painted.
I would love you to come back and I will be in touch, I'm not surprised at all that you are busy. Clutter can be an absolute insurmountable task. And an ongoing one, so much stuff in the world.”

— Jane, Wellington

“I found working with Less Mess very rewarding and professional. From the pre-apppointment emails to my DIY session I felt comfortable with Steph and the process. I'm generally quite organised but I just wanted some ideas and motivation, and that's exactly what I got! Some small tweaks have made a big difference to my home. I thoroughly recommend Less Mess. “

— Jane, Pukerua Bay

“Thanks v much for the work done on Monday, am loving having our room so much less cluttered! Was so good to get that done - that was probably the area in the house that was bugging me the most. Thanks Steph!”

— Vinni, Ngaio

"WOW, what a fantastic transformation of my house thanks to the amazing Steph!! She has worked her magic on my 'disaster house' this week and the feeling I get walking through my house is incredible - It already feels so less stressful and so much more space and it is a pleasure to walk into my home now. I can highly recommend welcoming Steph into your home, she is worth her weight in gold and you will not be disappointed!"

— Miranda, Tawa

“My mind feels so much clearer knowing that there is no longer junk stored in every nook and cranny, and having people over to stay will no longer be a chore as we don’t have to hide all the crap in the spare room anymore! I also feel really good parking the car in an organised space without having to manoeuvre around boxes and gardening equipment. I feel a lot happier about being home all day with the baby”

— Katherine, Johnsonville

“The rooms are looking great still & after you helping me get the ball rolling I was able to get the hall cupboards, my wardrobe & the laundry streamlined too!! Everything is looking great & my son is doing a good job of keeping his room in order with very little help from me!! Yay!! :) “

— Dee, Lower Hutt

“All is going well. I have occasional bursts where I still do more decluttering. I even went to my Mum’s and reorganised her linen cupboard — she now doesn’t even want to touch it! The work we did has made a huge difference, so is greatly appreciated!”

— Angela, Ngaio

“So the wonderful Steph worked her magic in our home today. Truly AMAZING!!! The feeling of walking into our spare room that was a dumping ground was always so depressing. It is now this bright, organised and very spacious guest room/study. The play space for the children is now so well organised the children LOVE it. With the help of another set of eyes that are not emotionally attached to all our stuff we got rid of so much. Steph is so friendly and relaxed, it was like a friend had stepped into our home. I would happily recommend her wonderful service to anyone who wants a revamp/cleanout of their home or even just a room in your home.”

“One visit from you and the motivation has remained!

— Nicola, Aotea

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